Business VR

Beyond entertainment

VR Base is so much more than fun & games. The games exist purely because of cutting edge VR technology , which we develop continuously. This technology lends itself to a wider range of applications than the games you play here. Discover some of the projects that you will help take to the next level with Virtual Reality.

  • All kinds of Virtual Reality business applications

  • Versatile VR spaces across Belgium, up to 1200m²

  • Full stack in-house VR expertise

Your VR Application Brought to Life

Got a golden idea or concrete business case you would like to develop in Virtual Reality? The developers at VR Base are creative, hands-on experts, who are always keen to sit down with you and work your ideas through.

The word impossible is not in our vocabulary. Together, we’ll turn your dream to reality!


Virtual Reality Training and Simulations

The big advantage with VR training and simulation? Through lifelike experience your employees acquire the need-to-know information up to 4 times faster than they would in a classic classroom course. They remember 80% more, and focus up to 4 times harder. And what if it is too expensive or dangerous to simulate your training in reality? The VR environment at VR Base is the perfect way to keep your training affordable and 100% safe.

VR technology helps make training and simulation scalable, efficient and safe. Virtual Reality offers a modern solution to all kinds of logistics and safety issues. You use the data to make constant refinements to your product or training courses.


Virtual Reality Blueprints and Visualisations

Walk through a building before it is built? With VR you can visualise any plan or design in virtual reality, and view it from the inside or outside in remarkable detail. This enables you to change the materials or discuss the technicalities with the builder, contractor, client and other parties. Our Spectr software converts your plans to a lifelike VR experience.


VR Character Animation

Do you use a mascot, creature or other character for your company’ s branding or marketing? The software at VR Base brings your character to life in a virtual world of its own.

Immerse colleagues and clients in your own virtual, branded environment. An experience they will never forget!

Are you ready to play?

Experience virtual reality with the best technology on the market.
Go into combat with or against your friends in a lifelike world.