the VR experiences

Co-op VR experience

A co-op virtual reality experience is all about working together: teamwork is key!
Take on the group challenge with your friends, family or colleagues. The goal? Together, as one team, bringing the mission to fruition.

Our cooperative experiences are not only super fun, but also the ideal team building activity.

Versus VR experience

In a versus virtual reality experience, you compete against each other. Who will go home with the win?

Split into two teams, you will compete against each other in a unique and immersive VR experience. The excitement is building!
It is up to you and your team to work well together and determine the right strategy to achieve victory.

Ready to explore virtual reality?

Experience a unique virtual reality experience with the best technology in the market.

Fight against and with your friends in a world close to reality.Determine the strategy and set your sights. Who plays the leading role and which team wins?