FAQ about VR Base

Most frequently asked questions and answers

It’s all in the name, baby! VR stands for Virtual Reality, which is precisely what you get into at VR Base —a lifelike gaming experience with state-of-the-art technology.

In the game arena, we give you complete VR headsets to even guns that makes you feel the real impact! What happens next in our giant free-roaming arenas will blow you away!

We make these all by ourselves, from writing the script to creating animation! Our experts know the software better than anyone else. So all of VR Base’s experiences are made entirely in-house!

You can currently find us at 3 locations:

  • VR Base Mechelen: Kruisbaan 54, 2800 Mechelen
  • VR Base Leuven: Brusselsesteenweg 406, 3020 Herent (at STIXN)
  • VR Base Kortrijk: Engelse Wandeling 2D, 8500 Kortrijk

By car:

  • All our venues have large free parking right at the entrance.

By public transport:

  • VR Base Mechelen is a 15-minute walk from Mechelen’s train station. Bus line 5 stops in front of the door
  • VR Base Leuven: busses 358, 523, 530 en 658
  • VR Base Kortrijk: busses 81 en 82

The minimum age for our VR experiences is 16 years. Accompanied by an adult, you can play from 12 years old.

Of course! At all our venues, we have a large seating area for snacks and drinks.

Don’t be fooled; VR gaming is an intense activity! VR Base’s VR arenas are among the largest in Europe, and during the game, you will be moving around a lot.

So be sure to wear comfortable clothing and shoes. The smoother you can move, the better the experience!

Yes, that is possible. Small spectacle frames fit under the VR headset; for larger frames, we can make the VR headset wider. In general, it plays more comfortably with lenses.

In any case: BIG. VR Base’s gaming arenas are among the largest in Europe. Depending on the game and the number of players, you can let off steam on a field between 225 m² and 1200 m².

It depends on the game you choose. You can even play the biggest games with 24 people. You join us for a game as little as 2 people!

A team building or event with more than 24 people in mind? No problem; large groups can split up and alternate ideally. The games last about 20 minutes each time, and taking a break afterwards is always welcome. The bigger the group, the greater the honour of most kills!

1 game lasts about 20 minutes. In between, we give you a half-hour rest as standard. That time will come in handy to relive your most astounding actions, study the leaderboards or refine your manoeuvres with your team.

Absolutely. The virtual characters move like your teammates in real life, in the actual distance. The built-in headsets allow you to hear all your teammates perfectly.

Ps: we are not responsible for hearing damage because of your screaming teammates 😉

Our VR experiences are a group experience: the more players, the more fun!
If you book with a small group, others can still add to your chosen VR experience.

The arena has no physical obstacles, and the playing field is clearly defined. While lifelike, everything you see through the VR glasses is 100% virtual. The VR headsets give clear signals when you are effectively in danger of walking out of the arena.

The experiences and technology are of very high quality. Some people are naturally more sensitive to this than others.
Stay calm if you suddenly feel dizzy or nauseous; our game masters are here to help you.

Yes, you can follow the virtual adventure of your family, friends or colleagues on a big screen. You can also see them in action in real life by watching from the sidelines. So you can see what they see through their VR glasses and what the game looks like without VR glasses. Fun guaranteed!

Are you ready?

Experience virtual reality with the best technology in the market —battle against and with your friends in a world close to reality.