Open your VR Base

Open a location yourself?

Why open your own VR Base venue? A good question!
We give you four good reasons below:

Growth Market

The market for virtual reality, location-based experiences is growing by 34% per annum

Rapid ROI

You get a return on your investment after 1.5 years

New Locations

VR Base now has 3 locations, and is still growing

Up to 48 players

Your VR Base venue can take up to 48 players at once

Be part of the future of entertainment

One of the first VR businesses in Europe

We opened in 2018 and were one of Europe’s first providers of free roaming VR experiences: VR experiences that allow you to move around, untethered by wires and cables. We develop our VR experiences in-house, for the broadest range of target audiences. Which makes them truly unique. Your customers won’t be able to play them anywhere else. To offer everyone the best possible experience, we make non-stop investments in the latest technologies.

What’s more, VR Base has the biggest VR gaming area in Europe with an arena that can be made up to 1200 m². So, for very good reason, we have great reviews on Facebook & Google. As a franchisee, the advertising this gives you is priceless: your customers relieve you of some of the marketing work, free of charge. When the venue is closed to the general public, we give businesses the opportunity to arrange activities in our gaming areas, such as VR training courses and simulations, and 3D visualisations. All of which brings in extra revenue.

VR Base Leuven - Dries

“Revolutionary concept”

“We get the chance, thanks to VR Base, to be part of an unbelievably innovative concept. Virtual reality location-based experiences are without doubt a revolution in the entertainment sector.”

Dries Roels, owner of VR Base Leuven

A strong organisation behind you

We have just one goal in mind for every franchisee: to let you run your own VR Base. We give you all the support you need.
Essentially, all you provide is the location. Branding, software, hardware, games, game-master training,… You name it, it comes through us! It is vital that your hands are free to make a success of your own VR Base venue.

Soft- and hardware

Obviously, you won' t have to provide this yourself.
We supply all the VR equipment, from tracking system to wearables. We got you covered!

Online reservation system

Looking for a free timeslot? The least of your worries.
Thanks to our online reservation system, you can manage from reservation to payment very easily.

New VR experiences

At VR Base this is our core business, and we work at it constantly.
We release new formats regularly. As a franchisee, your input is always welcome.

Hard data

You base your marketing decisions on hard data: where your visitors come from, the most popular experiences, what they eat and drink, etc.

Simple management system

You won't need experienced operators. Our management system is so easy that anyone can operate it.

Branding and training

VR Base is a thing to be proud of. We do everything possible to create the right look & feel for your location!
Your workers receive training from our experienced colleagues.

Let's meet

Would you like to open a VR Base venue and play a role in the future of entertainment? Get in touch with Lode: give him a call, send him an email or message him on LinkedIn.

He will answer your questions and discuss the finer details with you. And make sure you try the experience. It speaks for itself. That way, you will know what you are letting yourself in for.

Lode Snackaert